• Intended for the automatic identification, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures and lesions from a set of MRI images.

  • Used to assist in the accurate diagnosis and selection of effective treatment options for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

  • The volumes obtained are normalized to intracranial volume (ICV), gender and age and then compared to healthy standards, providing physicians with a reference to this patient's brain structure volumes compared to patients of similar age and sex. This information is evaluated through generated reports and segmented and color-coded DICOM images.


  • Performs continuous multi-time point assessments to assess changes in brain structure volume over time within the same report;


  • In 5-7 minutes, results are available for review in PACS;


  • Compare volumes obtained with a normative database adjusted for age, gender and intracranial volume;


  • Provides custom targeting vs. one-size fits most accurate and consistent brain segmentation in all patients (ages 3 to 100);


  • Higher acquisition accuracy compared to previous acquisition for better longitudinal tracking;