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kVue Encompass SRS Insert

It is an extremely specialized and non-invasive immobilization system.


  • Allows a precision of sub-millimeters;

  • Provides immobilization for the treatment of multiple lesions with a single isocenter;

  • Optimizes workfow;

  • The open thermoplastic mask reduces the patient's anxiety and allows verification of intra-fractional positioning.

Integrated Shim System ™

  • It has a 4 mm scale to adjust the height of the mask through a 0.5 mm increment in order to optimize patient immobilization.

Encompass ™ SRS Fiberplast ™ System

  • It represents the thermoplastic mask with the most rigid material available. This allows immobilization of the posterior and anterior part of the skull.

SRS Cushion Support

  • Compatible with Moldcare™ and Fibreplast™ masks.

SRS Adapter

  • Compatible with Portrait™ and S-Type Devices.

* Available version kVue and version compatible with RM.