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GalliEo - Gallium Generator

New Generation System:

Fast, streamlined and high security.


Sealed eluent (HCL): closed mechanism, without external eluent transmission charge;
Low elution volume, no need for pre-purification of the result: maximization of available activity.

High potential for development:

Ideal for a new generation of cold kits.

Easy handling, with reduced occurrence of errors:

• Exclusive control valve;
• Manual mode, with direct connection to bottle (new generation cold kits) or automatic, with connection to a synthesis module;
• Elution in less than 3 minutes;
• Waste management without 68Ge.


Without microbiological contamination:

• It only needs an external connection: vacuum-eluted;
• Eluent sealed inside generator to prevent spillage.

High concentration of activity:

• Flexible generator load activity: 20 - 50 mCi (740 - 1850 MBq);
• Low elution volume: 1.1 ml;
• No need for reconcentration steps;
• Shelf life: 12 months or 450 elutions.

High purity of eluate:

• Improvement compared to the typical 68Ge values: 10 to 100 times lower than the requirements of the European Pharmacopeia;
• It does not require prior elution preparation in case of non-use daily or after the end of the week.