• NEXT is the combination of a non-shielded insulator and an automatic shielded dispenser. It is defined by an aseptic process, fully compatible with GMP, integrating a smart solution for an innovative approach in radioprotection.

  • Advantages:

-Aseptic: VHP predefined for Class A and Class B cameras, guarantee effective decontamination and sterilization. It is presented, together, with an integrity test of the automatic distribution filter.


-Light & Sustainable: Its main core ensures high radioprotection and is more environmentally friendly. Solves floor load bearing problems.

Versatile: Integrated dispenser for open / closed bottles and syringes. The NEXT works with the same disposable pot, providing continuous feeding of the vials and syringes.


Fast & Economical: Integrated Distributor provides a real-time calculation of mass activity concentration. The system allows the delivery of 45 vials / syringes per hour.


Operator Safety: Medical Device Certificate 93 / 42CE. Compressed dimensions. Easy Handling. Easy manual backup.