Shielded Doors



Painted polished stainless steel ;


• the whole space above the door is free for ducts;


• Manual maneuver in case of power failure;

• Shielding for photons and neutrons achieved with  VeriShield™ blocks (4gr/cm3);


• Redundant safety systems: door anti-crushing system by motor current surge detection;


• Drive control with different opening functions (45º e 90º);


• Interlocks with the Linac.


  • VeriShield™ provides superior neutron and photon attenuation for all types and energies of equipment. The groundbreaking interlocking curves of VeriShield™ introduce an extra measure of radiation protection;

  • By eliminating any chance of straight line passage of radiation between the modules, VeriShield™ provides enhanced attenuation levels - by a factor of two times at the joints - unmatched by other existing shielding methods.


  • Standard VeriShield™ modules are 5” x 5” x 10” (127mm x 127mm x 254mm);

  • Their compact size allows for easier handling along with increased worker safety and a dramatic reduction in per- block install times.


  •  VeriShield™ 250 features a density of 250 lbs/ft3 (4 g/cm3), and VeriShield™ 300 has a density of 313 lbs/ ft.3 (5 g/cm3).

Interlocking Ridges: 

  • The smoothly curved faces of the VeriShield™ modules provide a tight fit between individual pieces (top to bottom and on both ends), interlocking them tightly together.

Fractional Modules and Shapes:

  • In addition to the standard full block modules, VeriShield™ is available in half thickness pieces which allow layers to be offset, locking the overall shielding structure firmly together.