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ProFound AI - Tomosynthesis

  • The CAD system was developed in order to be used as an auxiliary tool of the radiologist in the identification of breast lesions.


  • This software presents an algorithm that analyzes all the plans resulting from the tomosynthesis and identifies the existing lesions in each one of them. Then, the algorithm joins all acquired plans to form a synthetic 2D image with high enhancement and sensitivity in which the lesions are properly identified.


  • Due to its deep-learning ability, the CAD system is constantly evolving, presenting an initial database of 12,000 mammography exams, in which 4,000 cases are diagnoses of biopsy-confirmed cancer.


  • Reduction of reading time up to 52.7%;

  • Identification of cancer early up to 15 months prior;

  • Sensitivity> 90% in the identification of malignant lesions, both in terms of masses and calcifications;

  • It presents several functionalities, among them the Case Score that indicates the probability of the patient to have cancer in percentage.

  • Improves Workflow