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  • Manual Filter Integrity Tester

  • A simple to use, compact filter integrity tester that can be installed in any lab and is compatible with the most commonly used filters.

Ensuring the integrity of sterilizing filters

  • Sterilization filter integrity testing is a fundamental requirement of critical process filtration applications in the pharmaceutical and PET industries. The ultimate filter integrity test and the most reliable measure of the performance of a sterilizing filter is bacterial retention.

Bubble Point Test

  • The most widely used non-destructive filter integrity test is the bubble point test. The bubble point test explores the fact that liquid is held in the pores of a filter by surface tension and capillary forces. The minimum pressure required to force liquid out of the pores is a measure of the pore diameter. The bubble point test detects the smallest filter defects and oversized pores, and correlates with the bacteria passage test.

  • Bubble point testing is a visual sensitive technique and is routinely performed as part of the PET Center Product Release Test.



  • The Bubble Point Filter Integrity Tester has been carefully designed to meet the needs of any laboratory.




- Integrated and compact system.

- Compatible with most filters used for critical process filtering applications.

- Luer lock filter connection for ease and speed of connection.

- Simple air line connection mechanism.

- Reference calibrator.

- Clearly visible water beaker for bubble point identification.

- Fine adjustment of pressure.