Sentinel 4D CT

  • Infrared localization and control system, without recourse to fiducial markers, for acquisition of tomographic images with respiratory coordination;

  • Definition of the surface-based Gating cycle instead of discrete points;

  • Shared database with linear throttle triggering system, Catalyst;


Working principle:


The system scans the contour of the patient's skin and the continuous acquisition of reflection from a linear beam of laser light;

Main features:



  • System of location of optic patients;

  • Respiratory synchronism system;

  • Initial positioning of the patient;

  • Constant patient monitoring.



Complete solution along the Tx:


  • Accessories;

  • Positioning;

  • Detection of intra-fractional movements;

  • No additional dose;

  • The patient has an optical visualization system of his respiratory cycle (multimedia glasses);

  • The system realizes the continuous acquisition of the reflection of a linear beam of laser light;

  • Using the technique of laser triangulation / CCD camera, reconstructs the contour surface of the patient;

  • Reconstruction of a surface (40cm) in 1-2 s.