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C-Trak Galaxy

The C-Trak Galaxy System provides accurate and precise detection of gamma radiation for use during sentinel node biopsies in breast, melanoma and other types of cancer.


C-Trak probes are capable of measuring gamma energies up to 364 keV, and are designed to detect small sites of radioisotope uptake in the high scatter, highly variable background environments found with imaging radiolabels such as Indium 111 and Technetium 99m. The C-Trak Omniprobe PET can be used to detect higher-energy radiolabels such as FDG, with energies up to 600 keV.


  • Large touchscreen display for maximum visibility;

  • Highly directional allowing for smaller incisions and faster patient recovery;

  • No manual transcription required – timed counts are stored within the system;

  • Patient data stored locally – for retrieval of counts at a later date;

  • Fast calibration and enhanced diagnostics quickly ensure the system is functioning correctly;  

  • Multiple probes can be stored within the system for use in a range of procedures;

  • Energy threshold and window technology for a variety of isotopes.

Application Areas: 

  • Breast Cancer;

  • Head and Neck Cancer;

  • Melanoma;

  • Laparoscopic;

  • Thyroid and Parathyroid.