Catalyst Tomo 

  • Localization system without the use of additional accessories for 4D-CT acquisition. The HD version consists of three chambers placed at specific angles to obtain maximum coverage of the patient's surface and integrated an automatic table monitoring system for non-coplanar treatments.


  • The complexity of a treatment using Tomo therapy increases the need to locate the target very accurately as well as to maintain the position throughout the treatment. That's why Catalyst ™ Tomo, which has the unique ability to acquire real-time images, has been developed.



• Single Catalyst System for Tomo Therapy;

• Use of CT or Sentinel 4D CT planning images as a reference for positioning;

• Optional installation kit to reduce the impact on a system maintenance service;

• Possibility of adding a complementary workflow in order to reduce imaging and, consequently, dose in healthy tissues;

• Integrated quality control procedure, lasting less than 5 minutes a day;

• Independent supplier (Varian, Elekta);

• It is not necessary to use additional accessories, both on the patient and on the equipment;

• Long-term stability, displacement less than 0.3 mm per month.