CRP is an accurate and compact system for dispensing and sealing bottles of radiopharmaceuticals under sterile conditions.


It allows dispensing radiopharmaceuticals, quickly and safely minimizing the operator's tasks.


Main features:

-It measures both total and specific activity, administered by the synthesis module;

-Dilutes the main flask, for the specific activity required;

-Fills bottles, open or closed, controlling the volume, through a high precision electronic scale;

-Connect and saddle filled fillers (if they are open).


-Flexibility: Suitable for any laminar flow drug preparation chamber, which contains a dose and tele-plier calibrator. Dispense both open and closed bottles.


-Multitracer: Possibility of dispensing of various radiopharmaceuticals, in syringes or bottles.


-Userfriendly: The system is easy to use and extremely accurate and reliable. You can provide an additional balance to calculate the activity concentration in the master vial.