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Area Detectors

LabLogic manufactured monitors
  Radhound is a full featured, simple and easy to use digital radiation monitor. The count rate is displayed in large clear numbers and also on a bar scale. To find the source, simply press a button that changes the display to a histogram chart. Alpha and beta / gamma counts can be displayed separately or on the same screen.


  • Clear digital LCD display with backlight;

  • GM and scintillation detector options; 

  • Ergonomic tilt sstand.;

  • Fully adjustable alarm levels; 

  • Scaler timer function; 

  • Current charged and battery powered formats; 

  • Potential for custom constructions; 

  • Switch between probes (RadX);

The Radhound X/E is an advanced hand-held general purpose radiation monitor, suitable for a wide range of probes. The X/I is a Radhound with an internal dose rate detector. This feature-packed instrument boasts some unique features, such as the ability to switch between probes via the menu allowing, for example, a dose rate probe and a contamination probe to be configured for use with one instrument. This flexibility allows any standard probe to be used (300 - 1200 V).


  • Clear digital LCD display with backlight;

  • GM and scintillation detector options;

  • Fully adjustable alarm levels;

  • Multiple probe library/configuration; 

  • Scaler timer function;

  • Peak mode;

  • Over range;

  • Multiple probe; 


  • Contamination Probes – for Alpha, Beta and Gamma contamination/detection.

  • Dose Rate Probes - Geiger Muller (GM) Based

  • Scintillation Probes – with either aluminium or beryllium end window – also have beta scint probe!

  • Alpha/Beta – dual phosphor probes for alpha beta discrimination.

Tracerco Monitors

  • Contamination Monitors

Designed to meet the challenge of combining operational reliability with excellent sensitivity the T401 offers a range of features including direct surface, peak and background readings. The T401 can be used one-handed, or detach the probe for two-handed operation.


The T403 is identical to the T401 except that its detector probe is attached to 10 metres of cable, allowing the monitor to be used to survey ceilings, chimneys, behind instruments, and other hard to reach areas. Both monitors can be supplied with an extension pole kit to securely deploy the detector probe during monitoring operations.


• Dual bar graph meter display 0 - 1000 cps.
• Digital numeric display with automatic direct translation to Bq/cm2 for 14+ pre-programmed nuclides (natural and man-made) including C-14, P-32, Cs-137.
• Optional extension arm.
• Detachable probe.
• Background reading and storage.
• Audible response with adjustable alarm thresholds.

  • Dose Rate and X-ray Monitors

The T402 Radiation Dose Rate Monitor has been specifically designed to be lightweight but robust and comfortable when used over extended periods in the field. It has fast response and excellent sensitivity and additional key operational features such as personal dose integration and peak dose rate memory.


Unlike other monitors available on the market today, T406 X-ray Monitor enables the user to rapidly detect peak measurement, minimising your exposure to possible radiation leaks during surveying operations.


  • T402 detects gamma and X-rays from 60 keV - 1.33 MeV;

  • T406 detects gamma and X-rays from 17 keV - 1.33 MeV;

  • Digital bar graph display: 0.1 - 1000 μSv/h;

  • Digital dose rate indication: 0 - 10,000 μSv/h;

  • Peak dose rate memory − allows maximum exposure levels to be recorded;

  • Accumulated dose rate memory − for risk assessment and total exposure;

  • Audible response with adjustable alarm thresholds;

  • Water-resistant so easy to clean and decontaminate;

  • Shock and drop tested so highly durable;