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Dual Scan-RAM

  • Compact and compact PET / SPECT system with a TLC scan and an HPLC detector designed to meet the high demands of modern radiopharmaceuticals;

  • Simultaneous and independent operation, featuring high flexibility and taking up less bench space.

  • Dual Scan-RAM can operate with a wide range of detectors, suitable for both high and low radiation energies, making it an ideal instrument for PET / SPECT;

  • Allows the user to view TLC and HPLC performance and parameters on separate screens;

  • In order to minimize background radiation, LabLogic offers a range of shields according to different applications.



  • Size: 15 (H) x 38 (W) x 23 (L) cm;


  • TLC plate size: 5 x 20 cm;


  • Weight: 9.4kg;


  • Connectivity: USB;


  • Power: 24V / DC