• AGLTS is the most advanced glove integrity test system compatible with GMP for insulators and RABs in the pharmaceutical industry. Developed in compliance with international standards.



  • Easy: Possibility to control the unit, through basic and intuitive commands. Real-time verification of system status, when necessary, by a supervisor.

  • Autonomous: AGLTS does not require external piping of compressed air or power cables (integration of all essential pneumatic equipment and a durable lithium battery).

  • Customizable: Through its design, it allows adjustment to any type of glove.

  • Modular: Integrated system configurations allow you to upgrade to any number of test units for fast, parallel performance. Each glove is recognized by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).​

  • Wireless: Possibility of sending the date to a control station via wireless transmission protocols, based on TCP / IP.


  • Performance: Fast and efficient, detecting holes up to 50μm diameter in less than 10 minutes.