Hot Cell H600

Hot Cell H600 is an integrated solution that allows you to synthesize and dispense radiopharmaceuticals, including radiolabelled molecules such as 68Ga and 177Lu.



The Hot Cell H600 consists of an ISO 7 “Class C” shielded insulator for synthesis.



It has a laminar flow side compartment that can be used for dispensing syringes or dispensing the final product in a shielded road.



The ISO 7 “Class C” class shielded isolator is designed to incorporate:

  • An AllinOne mini synth;


  • One or two 68Ga generators (all brands);


  • The bottle of the final product and own shielding;


  • The liquid waste bottle and its own shield.

General features:

  • Very compact with dimensions of 60 x 60 cm, can be accommodated in narrow places;

  • Stainless and smooth finish, which facilitates cleaning and decontamination;

  • Large wheels for smooth and easy handling.

Isolator Features:

  • ISO 7 (Class C), with autonomous ventilation and filtration system;

  • The Hot Cell H600 is equipped with an input that allows the insertion of a specific count sensor;

  • Main compartment locking system (with key);

  • Pressure level display;

  • Plexiglas secondary door allows the operator to have visual access to the interior of the compartment while maintaining air class;

  • Structure designed to limit radiation;

  • Door opening up to 140º;

  • High energy shield, sized to allow elution synthesis of 2 68Ga generators (max. 100 mCi), ensuring a Hot Cell dose rate <25µSv / h at 5 cm.