Hot Cell H700

The Trasis Hot Cell H700 for radio metals is an integrated solution that allows radio-labeled molecules, such as 68Ga and 177Lu, to be synthesized and distributed in a narrow space.




Consists in a combination of 3 modules:

  • 1 class of glove box ISO 5 “Class A” to dispense;


  • 1 shielded enclosure class ISO 7 “Class C” for synthesis;


  • 1 wheel mounted drawer isolator.



The ISO 7 “Class C” class shielded isolator is designed to incorporate:

  • 1 miniAllinOne synthesizer;


  • 1 or 2 68Ga generators (all brands, max 90 mCi);


  • Liquid waste bottle and shield.



The “Class A” glove box makes it possible to collect synthesized products with sterile filtration and manually dispense single doses under laminar flow.

General features:

  • The general and isolator characteristics on the Hot Cell H700 are identical to those on the Hot Cell H600, as well as the retractable table and drawer cabinet.

  • What sets Hot Cell 700 apart from Hot Cell H600 is that there is a laminar flow isolator that allows the user to handle it.


Isolator Features:

  • ISO 5 “CLASS A” with autonomous system ventilation and filtration (Laminar Flow to an ISO 7 (class C);

  • 2 interchangeable gloves;

  • 1 medical device calibrator qualified for the most common isotopes;

  • Ventilated passage for the entry or exit of components and doses;

  • 1 armored slanted window for perfect visibility;

  • Shielded transfer lines;

  • Partial shielding of the front and side faces;

  • Led light;

  • Airtight interface with armored enclosure;

  • Vacuum level display;

  • 2 USB slots.