• Specifically designed to accomplish the latest GMP guidelines for the preparation of gamma and beta radiopharmaceuticals, the NMC PRI is a GMP grade A hot cell, with a GMP grade B pre-chambers. Equipped with a Laminar Air Flow on the total working surface and inflatable seals. Its large inner room and specific equipment make the NMC PRI a remarkably flexible working instrument for many applications.



-Main double door: Shielded door for radioprotection and Polycarbonate door for airtight and gloves mounting. The 2 doors are independent and open separately;

- N. 1 pre-chamber for Tc99 generator carousel housing. The carousel can house n. 4 round-shape or n. 2 square-shape generators;

- N. 1 pre-chamber for disposable and syringes introduction/extraction;

- Operator Panel Touch Screen PC: operator software interface for handling, system control, data saving and display, data traceability GMP compliant;

- N.2 gloves fixed on the Polycarbonate door;

- Dose calibrator shielded area

- N. 2 waste bins: capacity 5 1t. each;

- Multi diameter sealed pass-through system (Roxtec) for cables

- Special stainless steel flange with air-tight passages for capillaries and technical gases;

- Arm-tray to support laptop and/or dose calibrator control unit;

- The carousel can be replaced by a lift system for lead pot housing. Generally used as a FDG transport container, the system is also suitable for other applications.


     - µDDS-A automatic dispenser

     - Lateral Class B pharmaceutical pre-chamber