During the various phases of PET production, facilities have to manage data from a range of equipment and software packages, resulting in multiple outputs and reports. What’s unique about PETra, is that it captures data directly from all equipment used in the process.

Eliminates Transcription Errors

  • As a result of direct data capture, PETra completely eliminates manual transcription and the likelihood of any errors.

Interfaces to all Equipment

  • PETra is capable of connecting with all the equipment used, either by interfacing directly with the instrument or connecting to the relevant software package. PETra is compatible with all leading manufacturers.


  • Pre-production checks;

  • Direct capture from equipment, thus eliminating transcription errors;

  • Dose Requirements; storing site, customer and dose information in one manageable place;

  • Barcode driven inventory management, providing you with up to date stock levels and allowing use of accepted raw material only;

  • Quality Management System; SOP, CAPA, Deviation, Change Control, OOS and Trending;

  • Instrument Maintenance / Calibration; ensuring equipment is maintained in accordance with your SOPs.