• RAD-inject is the smallest automatic injector for radiopharmaceuticals.



-Automatic: Provides a fully automatic injection, dispensing the presence of the operator during the injection, minimizing the risk of exposure to radiation.


-Compact: It is the smallest and most compact automatic injector on the market for Gamma and Beta radiopharmaceuticals.


-Userfriendly: Lightweight and ergonomic, it allows easy use by any operator.


-Multitracer: Available versions for Beta and Gamma emitters.


Programmable: Possibility to set the injector speed and rinse steps, in order to minimize residual activity, in the infusion line.


Operator Safety: No wasted activity, including emergency cases, due to manual backup. Equipped with a mobile stand, with additional protection. It has a safety filter, to remove air bubbles, from the infusion line.