Tanques para Decaimento de resíduos


THE TEMA Sinergie designs and provides plants for:

  • Collection of radioactive liquid and radioactive wastes;

  • Biological degradation of sewage;

  • Storage in tanks until necessary decay occurs;

  • Checking and recording data.


There are 2 types of disposable plants:


1 - LRD and LRT

  • These plants have large dimensions for decontamination and solid and liquid waste processing;

  • They can treat waste from different radiopharmaceuticals;

  • The LRD is dedicated for diagnosis and the LRT is dedicated to therapy. In most cases they are used together for the two LDR / LRT applications


2 - EDEC and EDEC-S

  • These plants are more compact.

  • EDEC is used for the treatment of liquid waste, while EDEC-S can handle liquid and solid waste

  • These plants are dedicated to radioisotopes with short half-lives.