• High precision 3D positioning system with integral control of the entire treatment cycle.


  • UV control and localization system, without recourse to fiducial markers, for acquisition of CT images with respiratory coordination.


  • Database shared with the synchronous respiratory system of CT, Sentinel.


Working principle:

  • The system performs continuous acquisition of reflection of a beam of UV light area.

  • Using the 2D CCD camera/triangulation technique, it reconstructs the contours of the patient's surface in real-time.

Main features:


  • Positioning of the patient - C-Position;

  • Intra-fractional patient contour monitoring using elastic strain algorithms - C-Motion;

  • Interactive visual orientation - Color map projected on the patient's body during setup;

  • Respiratory Gating: Free Breathing or Deep Inspiration - C-Respiration;

  • The patient has an optical visualization system of his breathing cycle (multimedia glasses);

  • Location of the patient's contour by UV, without recourse to fiducial markers, in real time;

  • Intuitive application software improves the service workflow;

  • Patient identification and immobilization accessories - C-Accessory;

  • Elastic deformation algorithms for recording with reference images.

  • Calculation of the deviations through the coordinates of the isocenter and contour of the patient, imported from TPS (DICOM RT PLAN and SS).

  • Potential to reduce the use of other IGRT techniques - Dose-free motion management;

  • Graphical monitoring of respiratory cycle and absolute baseline values ​​during treatment;

  • Integrated mechanism - collision avoidance.