Catalyst HD

High precision optical tracking system with full control of the entire treatment cycle.

It offers a very complete solution for online monitoring of patients before and during treatment, ensuring the best possible treatment. This system can be used with the technique of 3DCRT, IMRT and also VMAT.


• Optimization of the camera compared to the previous version, Catalyst, giving even better accuracy;

• Greater coverage of the patient's surface;

• High efficiency without dose administration;

• Independent supplier (Varian, Elekta);

• Positioning errors are projected directly onto the patient's skin, ensuring greater accuracy in position;

• Possibility of immediate correction of errors;


• The help of an audiovisual program in teaching the patient to follow a breathing pattern;

• It is not necessary to use additional accessories, both on the patient and on the equipment;

• Ensures patient safety by having 6 degrees of freedom to monitor patient;

• Long-term stability with displacement less than 0.3 mm per month.